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Peru's president to face impeachment vote

September 18, 2020

Peru's Constitutional Court rejected an appeal by President Vizcarra to suspend an impeachment vote. The move comes a week after the parliament voted to start impeachment hearings on grounds of "moral incompetence."

Martin Vizcarra, president of Peru
Image: Peruvian Presidency/Reuters

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra is set to face an impeachment hearing in parliament on Friday after the country's top court rejected his request to suspend the proceedings.

The Constitutional Court ruled by five votes to two that the congressional case for impeachment could go ahead, the court's president, Marianella Ledesma, told local radio RPP on Thursday.

Last week, the parliament had voted to open impeachment hearings against Vizcarra on the grounds of "moral incompetence" following allegations that he tried to obstruct a probe into government contracts given to a singer.

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The court however admitted — by six votes to one — a request by the president to investigate whether the Congress exceeded its powers by seeking to impeach him.

Vizcarra's government had sought the court injunction on the grounds that Congress was not competent to rule on the president's moral capacity.

The Andean country's parliament earlier heard audio recordings which allegedly show that Vizcarra told his aides to downplay his meetings with the singer Richard Cisneros.

Cisneros claims the contracts, amounting to $50,000 (€42,200), were legal.

dvv/sms (AFP. AP, dpa, Reuters)

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