Pedal power - a bicycle activist in Berlin | Global Ideas | DW | 24.07.2012
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Global Ideas

Pedal power - a bicycle activist in Berlin

More and more Berliners are choosing two wheels over four to zip around the city – including bicycle activist Kerstin Emma Finkelstein. We pedaled alongside her.

Berlin's bicycle activist

Biking through Berlin's Kottbusser Tor

Bicycles are booming in Berlin. Over the last decade, the number of bikers in the city has doubled. Some car owners are making the switch over to two wheels as gas grows increasingly expensive. Others simply want to make a positive contribution to the climate.

Still, Kerstin Emma Finkelstein says Berlin is far from a pedaler's paradise. The self-professed bike activist works for a national bicycle association called ADFC. She lists a bevy of issues tripping up cyclists, from cars that park in bike paths to drivers that get dangerously close when overtaking and road rules that put two-wheelers at a disadvantage. She says all those things must change – especially as the number of cyclists in Berlin continues to grow.

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Photo gallery: Alina Ströbele / Grit Hofmann
Photos: Janosch Decker / Grit Hofmann

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