Over 5 Million German Unemployed Seen | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 30.01.2005
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Over 5 Million German Unemployed Seen

The number of people looking for work in Germany could rise above the politically critical five million mark this year, Economy and Labor Minister Wolfgang Clement said in an

interview published on Sunday. "At the beginning of the year the unemployment figures rise, unfortunately, on account of the winter temperatures, most of the time by around 350,000," he told the Sunday edition of Bild newspaper. "That means we are looking at around 4.8 million unemployed," Clement said. To that can be added "the more than 200,000 jobless who were receiving social welfare until now without actually being enrolled at an employment office," he said. Under the government's new social and economic reforms, aimed at cutting unemployment below the four million mark where it has hovered for years, these people have figured among the ranks of the jobless since January 1. When asked whether the highly symbolic five-million barrier would be exceeded, Clement told the paper: "Now is the moment of truth on the German labour market, the time of obscure figures has passed." Official unemployment figures for the month of January are due to be published in coming days. Analysts warn that the jobless total could rise to five million this winter, not least as a result of statistical changes that came into effect at the beginning of this month. (AFP)