Our guest on 20.02.2011 Oliver Polak, comedian and author | guest list | DW | 05.04.2011
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guest list

Our guest on 20.02.2011 Oliver Polak, comedian and author

Our host Peter Craven talks to Oliver Polak about performing comedy, coming from Papenburg and being politically correct.


34-year-old stand-up comedian Oliver Polak goes where many fear to tread and makes jokes about what it is to be be Jewish in today's Germany.

Oliver Polak was born in Papenburg in 1976 and grew up in the only Jewish family for miles. He felt like an outsider and became the class clown. He went to school in an Orthodox Jewish school in England then returned to Germany and began working in TV in Cologne. He launched his career as a comedian in Berlin in 2006, appearing on stage with a cardboard cut-out of an Alsatian wearing a star of David, using his own life as material and making jokes about his overbearing mother. His first book "I'm Allowed To, I'm Jewish" was a bestseller, and he regularly tours Germany with his stage show.