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Oliver Kalkofe

Oliver Kalkofe, born in 1965 in Hannover, is a German actor, comedian, cabaret artist, parodist and columnist. He is particularly known for his satirical show "Kalkofe's Media Meltdown" on German television.

Oliver Kalkhofe was trained as a foreign language correspondent and studied journalism, German and English philology. He worked for many years as a comedian at radio stations. Since 1994, Oliver Kalkofe has specialized in parodying TV and video clips from the internet on German television in his series "Kalkofes Mattscheibe," renamed as "Kalkofes Mattscheibe Rekalked" in 2012, and "Kalkofes Media Meltdown." On the show, he parodies TV and video clips from the internet. He is renowned for his dark, sarcastic humor. For DW, Kalkofe has also picked up some international productions that he parodies in English.