Our fascination with science fiction | Science| In-depth reporting on science and technology | DW | 22.11.2012
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Our fascination with science fiction

Picturing the future can be fascinating. An exhibition on the development of science fiction in Germany at a Bonn museum traces this fascination. Here are some of the highlights.

Since the start of the technological age, science fiction has acted as a reflection of the public's fascination with the future and inspiration for scientists to develop new technologies. An exhibition at the Haus der Geschichte (History Museum) in Bonn focuses on how science fiction has developed in Germany. In some ways, the exhibition is a time capsule.

Lost in space

The film "Raumschiff Venus antwortet nicht" ("Venus spaceship doesn't answer") was the name for the West German release of the GDR movie "Der schweigende Stern" ("The Silent Star"). A co-production of the GDR and Poland, the film came out in 1960 - a year after the Russian Luna mission successfully sent an unmanned spacecraft to the moon.

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