Our Beautiful Planet | Eco Africa | DW | 27.03.2017
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Eco Africa

Our Beautiful Planet

Gorgeous Guam is once again the subject of Our Beautiful Planet. The Pacific island is a US territory and is home to sunny beaches, pristine waters and breathtaking views.

The Pacific island of Guam is apparently the place to be right now. After seeing our previous photo of Jinapsan Beach sent in by William Marhoffer, Victoria Shaffer sent us this stunning photo of Talofofo Bay, an inlet in the south-eastern coast of the island. 

Talofofo Bay is filled with brown sand deposited by the Talofofo River, which flows out to the ocean here. Most of the other beaches on the island are blanketed in white sand made up of ground coralline limestone. Shaffer, who has just moved to the island with her husband, who is in the navy, is a keen photographer but says "the pictures serve only half the justice of the beauty here on Guam." 

Guam is the largest and most populous island in Micronesia, an area of Oceania made up of thousands of small islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Some of its native plants and animals have come under threat due to the introduction of foreign species. But with tourists, in particular scuba divers, keen to experience its natural wonders, the island has made efforts to protect the environment, including its stunning coral reef habitats.

Do you have a picture of a beautiful landscape that you want to share with readers? If so, you can send it to us using the upload tool on our page, or by emailing us at ecoafrica@dw.com.