Our Beautiful Planet: Wild garlic | eco@africa | DW | 26.05.2017
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Our Beautiful Planet: Wild garlic

Take a walk in a Berlin park or woodland right now and you'll be met with the familiar, overpowering fragrance of wild garlic. Did you know you can eat it too?

From mid-March to May, collecting wild garlic is something of a national pastime in Germany. In the countryside and even in the parks and woodlands of cities like Berlin, the plant's garlicky scent fills the air, tempting foragers to fill their baskets – and to add it a savory pie or soup, perhaps. 

Bärlauch, as it is known in Germany, does best in damp forests and is perfectly edible. Still, harvesters should do their best not to damage the plant by picking just large and healthy leaves and leaving the smaller ones behind. 

In our world of industrial agriculture, we sometimes forget that edible plants are all around us, available for the picking. Pot marigold flowers, for instance, can add a tang or peppery flavor to food. They are sometimes called the poor-man's saffron. 

Then of course, there are raspberries, elderflowers and nettles. The list is endless. Get in touch and let us know what kind of edible plants "our beautiful planet" provides where you live and how you prepare those plants to eat.  

Do you have a picture of a beautiful landscape or something amazing in nature that you want to share with our readers? If so, you can send it to us using the upload tool on our website, or by emailing us at ecoafrica@dw.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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