One dead, three hospitalized after shootings in Austin, Texas: officials | News | DW | 31.07.2016
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One dead, three hospitalized after shootings in Austin, Texas: officials

Officials in the US state of Texas say a shooter has caused a number of casualties in the city of Austin. Media say people with gunshot wounds were spread across the area.

An active shooter has left "multiple victims" in downtown Austin, the capital of Texas, police said in a Twitter message early on Sunday morning local time.

The Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services agency said one woman was killed and three other women transported to hospital with gunshot wounds that were said to be serious, but not life-threatening.

About half an hour after its initial tweet, the police department posted to its verified Twitter account, saying the scenes of the shootings were secure.

However, police warned at a later pre-dawn press conference that the unidentified shooter, believed to be a white or light-skinned Hispanic male in his 20s, was still at large.

They also confirmed that there had been a second, separate shooting incident in the area just minutes after the first. In that shooting, a man pulled out a gun and fired in a parking garage, but was knocked down and disarmed by witnesses.

Austin Police Chief of Staff Brian Manley said the alleged shooter was injured and taken to hospital. He added that the two incidents were currently thought to be unrelated.

The shootings come just weeks after five police officers were shot dead by a black extremist during a march against police brutality in the Texas city of Dallas.

tj/jlw (Reuters, AP)