One dead, 16 injured in Ohio nightclub shooting | News | DW | 26.03.2017
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One dead, 16 injured in Ohio nightclub shooting

More than a dozen people have been shot and at least one killed at a Cincinnati nightclub. No suspect has been arrested and police do not believe the shooting was terrorism related.

Fifteen people were shot and at least one killed at a night club in the US city of Cincinnati early on Sunday, police said.

Police Chief Eliot Isaac identified the deceased as 27-year-old O'Bryan Spikes and said 15 others were injured- Some had already been treated and released from hospitals, he told reporters on Sunday afternoon.

The gunman remained at large after the incident, apparently caused by a personal dispute. 

Hundreds of people were in the Cameo Night Club at the time of the attack. Authorities said the venue had a history of "challenges in the past."

Cincinnati that assistant police chief Paul Neudigate said "There are no indications this incident is terrorism related."

Bar dispute

Speaking on television, the district's police commander Captain Kimberly Williams said "By the time... the shots were fired, individuals ran outside, so there was not a lot of people inside the club. I believe there was a large crowd earlier this evening, but just a lot of chaos when the shots went off."

Police Chief Eliot Isaac said the club was packed when the shooting started. "Several local men got into some type of dispute inside the bar and it escalated into shots being fired from several individuals," Isaac told reporters at a briefing on Sunday. 

"As a result, there were 16 people that sustained gunshot injuries, one of which is deceased," Isaac said, adding that one victim was in "an extremely critical condition."

City Mayor John Cranley issued a statement on Sunday, calling for a safer city

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