#NoSnow: Brace yourselves for an unusually warm Christmas | Follow the Hashtag | DW | 23.12.2015
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Follow the Hashtag

#NoSnow: Brace yourselves for an unusually warm Christmas

Hopes of a white festive period were dashed by an unusually warm weather, with many countries expecting record temperatures. Social media users react, partly by trying to raise awareness to the perils of global warming.

As chances of a white Christmas are getting lower due to global warming and rising temperatures, in many places around the world snow is no longer a certainty, even in countries which are used to experience a fairly white Christmas.

This year, record-high degrees are expected in some cities. One of the main talking points is whether or not it'll indeed be a white Christmas, a term which is used to describe snow on Christmas day.

Users on social media are weighing in on the topic. Using the hashtag #nosnow, people are sharing their view of what is essentially a #GreenChristmas.

Many memes are being shared to show that winter is not coming anytime soon. In the small suburb of Markham, right outside of Toronto, Canada, citizens are used to a below-zero temperatures during the holiday, but will now face no less than 15 degrees instead.

Photos from all around the world are being shared online to show how the day before Christmas looks like where users are located.

This photo is from Helsinki, Finalnd, a city which usually averages minus 4 degrees centigrade during December, but is now experiencing a plus 5. Same goes for many cities in North America, where white Christmas isn't expected, to say the least.

One of the holiday's most prominent symbols is the snowman, but one could think the lack of snow poses somewhat of a threat to that tradition.

But apparently, when there's a will there's a way, and creativity has been flowing all over social media, as can be seen in these tweets.

Mud, chalks, twigs and even a puddle - they were all used to create no less funny substitutes for the familiar snowman which is usually made from, well, snow.

This ice rink in London has been closed to visitors for the day. The reason? You guessed it, it's the weather. Same goes for the ice rink in Moscow, which had to be shut down due to "technical reasons."

This unseasonably warm weather is here for a reason. Global warming is making the headline in recent weeks, mostly due to the Paris Climate Conference, and the fact it's one of the most debated issues in the rundown to the elections in the United States.

Germany's winters are also being affected by the rising temperatures, as can be seen from this tweet by a user based in Hannover, a city which averages around 7 degrees centigrade during December. It is now experiencing 13.

However, despite of global warming, white Christmas is not entirely gone as of yet. Users in places that do get their fair share of snow, such as in town and cities around mountains, are quite literally sharing their views.

Finally, no matter where you are around the world, you can at least make sure your drink is in the right temperature.

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