Norway sweep Germany aside in world ice hockey championships | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 14.05.2012
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Norway sweep Germany aside in world ice hockey championships

Germany were demolished 12-4 by Norway in the world ice hockey championships. The result means that the national side misses out on a place in the quarterfinals.

There was humiliation for the German ice hockey team in Stockholm on Sunday, as Norway chalked up the biggest score of the tournament to win 12-4.

Patrick Thoresen struck with two early goals, before going on to complete his hat trick in the second period which the Norwegians finished 9-1 up.

By this stage, the Germans appeared to be in disarray, with Norway controlling every aspect of the game.

Norway went into double digits when at 44 seconds in the third period when Per-Ager Skroder scored his second of the game. Goals by Mats Trygg and Mads Hansen topped off the scoring.

While Germany did score the last two goals of the game, it was little consolation.

For Germany defender Christoph Schubert it was "one of the worst games in the history of German ice hockey," while trainer Jakob Kölliker described it as a "disaster."

The heavy defeat means that Germany now have no chance of overtaking Norway, who lie in fourth place. Germany play their final match on Monday against the Czech Republic.

Failure to progress means missing out on a place in the quaterfinals, which would have brought with it the prize of automatic qualification for the 2012 Winter Olympics in the Russian venue of Sochi.

rc/av (AFP, dpa, Reuters)