#NoG20 - Hamburg under Siege | Reporter - On Location | DW | 08.07.2017
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#NoG20 - Hamburg under Siege

As the guests of state arrive for the G20 summit, tens of thousands of protesters have also converged on Hamburg. Most express their views peacefully, but a number of anarchist sympathizers could turn violent. What are the protesters’ criticisms?

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Representatives and leaders of the world’s twenty largest industrial nations are meeting in Hamburg’s exhibition halls primarily to discuss trade issues: opening markets or imposing tariffs, globalization or protectionism. Inside, security is extremely tight, while outside, tens of thousands of protesters voice their demands, including the total dissolution of the G20. The groupings on Hamburg’s streets are many and varied. They have in common their call for greater justice for the world. #NoG20 - Hamburg under Siege A Report by H. Pfeifer, A. Rowohlt und G. Vollmer.