No Deal in Hanoi: What Next for Kim & Trump? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 28.02.2019
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No Deal in Hanoi: What Next for Kim & Trump?

The Hanoi summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has broken down. The two leaders failed to strike a deal over trading concessions on economic sanctions for concrete denuclearization measures. So, what next? Our guests: Jin-Heon Jung (Free University), Erik Kirschbaum (LA Times), Cherie Chan (DW)

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Dr. Jin-Heon Jung from the Institute of Korean Studies at Berlin’s Free University says: "No more tug-of-war. Instead, it’s time for the US to show that it is also willing to take irreversible steps towards peace for our future generation." 




Erik Kirschbaum, author and journalist who writes for the Los Angeles Times, says: “Talking is better than testing. Trump deserves credit for convincing North Korea to at least temporarily stop testing nuclear weapons and firing missiles.” 



Cherie Chan, a Hong Kong-born journalist currently working with Deutsche Welle’s social media and Asia desks says: "China is supportive of more US-North Korea interaction – as long, that is, that they don’t get too cozy with each other."