′No cause for concern′ over Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip after rumors swirl | News | DW | 04.05.2017
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'No cause for concern' over Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip after rumors swirl

Buckingham Palace officials have dismissed speculation about the welfare of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Unsubstantiated theories went viral online after reports royal staff were summoned to London overnight.

"There is no cause for alarm" over the health of Queen Elizabeth II, 91, and her husband Philip, 95, sources at Buckingham Palace told news agencies on Thursday.

Reporters and television crews had been gathering outside the royals' London residence since dawn after rumors about a possible announcement spread on social media.

An official quoted by The Associated Press confirmed that royal household staff had been summoned, but added that such meetings were called from time to time.

Speculation about a royal death had been rife on social media after a report by British newspaper "Daily Mail" about an emergency gathering called by the queen's senior aides at Buckingham Palace in the early hours of the morning.

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The queen, who is the world's longest-reigning monarch, celebrated her 91st birthday last month. She fell ill at the end of last year with a heavy cold that forced her to miss a traditional Christmas church service for the first time in decades. However, she resumed many of her normal duties in recent months.

On Wednesday, she met with British Prime Minister Theresa May to mark the dissolution of parliament ahead of the June general election. Philip, who turns 96 in June, also appeared to be in good health as he opened a new stand at Lord's cricket ground.

nm/rt (AP, Reuters, AFP)

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