Newborn baby found abandoned in Munich | News | DW | 20.08.2018
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Newborn baby found abandoned in Munich

A newborn baby boy has been found in bushes in the southern German city of Munich. Police say that the child is well, considering the circumstances.

A woman out walking her dog in the Bavarian capital, Munich, on Saturday morning discovered a freshly born baby boy lying among bushes, local police say.

She notified a pediatrician, who transported the child to a hospital, where doctors found him to have a core body temperature of just 26 C (78.8 F). But he was otherwise in good health, according to the police report.

The birth had occurred very shortly before the baby was discovered, police said, as could be deduced from the inexpertly cut umbilical cord.

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Brief encounter

By questioning nearby residents, police were able to find a 47-year-old man who reported having had a one-night stand on Friday evening with a woman he knew only through social media. The man said the woman had had a slightly protruding stomach, but that he had not suspected a pregnancy.

In the morning, according to the man, the woman had complained of stomach pains and asked him to take her to the railway station so she could go to hospital in Frankfurt, some 392 km (244 miles) to the north. She then disappeared from the apartment for a time while he was cleaning up.

He met up with her again some time later on the ground floor of the building and drove her to the station, having noticed that her stomach was flatter, he said.

After the woman phoned the man, telling him that she was in a Frankfurt hospital, police were able to identify a 27-year-old from the Frankfurt region and are continuing to investigate the case, the police report said.

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