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Minds in Motion

April 12, 2024

A radical thinker celebrates his 300th birthday. Why is Immanuel Kant still so relevant? We get to the bottom of the categorical imperative.

Russland | Statue von Immanuel Kant vor der Universität, Kaliningrad
Image: Gabriele Thielmann/imageBROKER/picture alliance

A Radical Thinker: Immanuel Kant

He turned thinking upside down and challenged us to use our brains and question our actions. Kant desired justice and came up with principles meant to ensure peace. On his 300th birthday, the philosopher is as relevant as ever.


USA Tänzerin Josephine Baker
Image: Keystone Archives/HIP/picture-alliance

Icon and Activist: Josephine Baker

An icon and media phenomenon – Josephine Baker’s presence on stage was legendary. The first black superstar; sensual, humorous, dramatic. A show in Berlin explores the multifaceted artist and activist who remains a fascinating figure today.




DW Sendung Euromaxx | Esther Abrami
Image: DW

A violinist on TikTok: Esther Abrami

Esther Abrami is bringing classical music to a new, primarily younger audience via social media channels. The French-born violinist posts videos about her daily life as a classical musician online.





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