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Mauritania: All Aboard the Sahara's Desert Express

June 20, 2024

Mauritania's 'desert express': 700km of track crossing the Sahara since 1963. Goatherds, traders, families, and thousands of tons of iron ore roll through one of the world's most remote regions.

Global Us vom 24.06.2024 | Mauretanien Express
Image: NDR


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Indian Repair Shop for Mobile Telephones
Indian Repair Shop for Mobile TelephonesImage: Sudipta Das/NurPhoto/picture alliance

India: Reviving repair culture to fight e-waste

More electronic waste is produced around the world each year. But recycling can't keep up. Now India hopes to revive its culture of repairing things, a deeply rooted tradition, to fight the problem.



GenZ in China
GenZ in ChinaImage: NDR

China: Is the dream over for Gen Z?

China's Gen Z in crisis: College graduates can't find work. Too few good jobs exist for the record number of highly educated young adults. Competition, insecurity, and frustration result. A generation on the edge?




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