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Martin Muno

Martin Muno

Digital change, populism and radicalism, democracy theory

How do ideas become reality? How can we distinguish reality from delusion in the digital age? These are questions on which Martin Muno is focussed.

Early in his professional life, Martin Muno learned how harsh feedback can be, coming from a market stall keeper in Mainz. While studying political science, Martin worked as a reporter for local media. The influence of language on politics and society is his main interest, particularly since the Internet has changed everything radically.

Martin Muno covered these changes — from Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung via ZDF to the DW newsroom, which he headed for several years. Today he works in DW's Audience Development department, where the journalistic content of a global media enterprise meets the digital world. He is still amazed, even when his feedback is coming from Manila rather than from a market stall keeper in Mainz.

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