Market women dance in Munich | DW Travel | DW | 09.02.2016
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Market women dance in Munich

Every year, the market women of the Viktualienmarkt, a food market at the center of Munich, celebrate Mardi Gras with a dance. The traditional performance is a Carnival highlight in the city.

They wear flamboyant costumes with colorful skirts and hats and start dancing at 11 a.m. Thousands of locals and tourists watch their performance.

Along with traditional dances, the women have also prepared more modern choreographies. The mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter launched their festive performance.

The dance of the market women is an over 100-year-old tradition. After the performance, the Carnival festivities spread out throughout the market.

On Ash Wednesday, the market women go back to their stalls at the Viktualienmarkt, where they sell food and flowers.

le/eg (dpa)