Marcela Benitez and her organization ″Response″ in Argentina | Social Entrepreneurs | DW | 07.10.2008
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Social Entrepreneurs

Marcela Benitez and her organization "Response" in Argentina

More than 90 percent of Argentinians live in the cities. The non-governmental organization "Responde" is trying to halt the flight from the countryside.


She has launched many educational and infrastructure projects in 800 villages. They are financed by donations from companies, charitable organizations, and state institutions. We accompanied Marcela Benitez in a village in the pampas. People in Irazusta see no prospects, now that the railway line is closed. The closest paved road ends 13 kilometers away from Irazusta. So many have left to seek their fortunes in the city. The head of "Responde" shows the remaining villagers what they can make out of their village.

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