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DW Mitarbeiterin Lucia Schulten
Image: Adriaan De Loore/DW

Lucia Schulten

Europe correspondent at DW Studio Brussels, with a focus on the EU and international courts.

Complicated judgments, long pages of legislation, lengthy procedures — Lucia Schulten deciphers what they mean for politics and DW’s audience.

Whether it's an Article 7 procedure, EU fleet-wide CO2 targets or greenhouse gas emission trading certificates — Lucia Schulten breaks down the stories behind the figures for our online, television and social media channels. 

Having studied law, she particularly enjoys dealing with topics that may seem rather dry at first, yet are of great importance to Europe and the wider world. She also regularly reports on proceedings from the international courts, whether in Strasbourg, Luxembourg or The Hague.

But politics and law aren't everything: Lucia also follows cultural topics and brings stories from people at the heart of Europe.

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Stories by Lucia Schulten