Laura of Arabia - The Lone Huntress | Highlights | DW | 03.04.2017
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Laura of Arabia - The Lone Huntress

Laura Wrede from Munich is easily the best-known foreigner in the emirate of Qatar, but also the most controversial one. She shares a great passion of Qatari men, falconry.

She's the only woman in this completely male-dominated sport. "Impossible," you may say: "But," says Laura self-confidently, ‘it’s a rule I’ve really rather broken.’

She has chosen to pursue a hobby in a male-dominated field in a male-dominated society. Laura Wrede loves falconry. The German has even been spat at in Qatar - but only rarely, she assures us. The turban she wears is really only meant for men too. A sheikh rebuked her for it but she just replied: "Yes, but I’m wearing it anyway." Now 30, she’s been living in Qatar for five years, where she runs the office of an international marketing agency. At four in the morning, long before her workday starts, she trains her two falcons Rahmat and Shekat. Her goal is to take part in Al Galayel, the biggest falconry championship on the Arabian Peninsula. It goes without saying that she’ll be the first woman ever, and the only one this time. Will the sheikhs let her take part?


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