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KINO - The Movie Magazine | 24.12.2016

December 23, 2016

Director Wolfgang Petersen joins us for an interview on a special edition of KINO. We look back at the 75-year-old’s career, and talk to him about working with stars, his greatest success, and his biggest disappointment.


After several decades in Hollywood, German director Wolfgang Petersen has returned to work in Germany. At the age of 75, he’s remade his 1976 TV comedy “Vier gegen die Bank” as a theatrical release. In an interview with KINO, he talk about the highlights of his career: the values he learned from American Westerns; how relaxed Clint Eastwood was on the set of “In the Line of Fire”; and the weaknesses Dustin Hoffman revealed while filming “Outbreak.” Petersen gained international attention with the war film “Das Boot,” then broke one box office record after another with Hollywood productions – until his only flop stopped his ascent. Petersen provides insight into that difficult period and reveals why “Das Boot” is likely to be his most important film.