Kiel Week - the world′s biggest sailing event | DW Travel | DW | 17.06.2016
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Kiel Week - the world's biggest sailing event

Some 4000 sailboats from all over the world and a Tall Ships Parade: Some three million spectators are expected at this year’s Kiel Week (18.6 – 26.6).

Kiel Week traditionally kicks off with a blow of the whistle and the ringing of a ship’s bell (three double rings and one single ring). There are some 2000 events timetabled.

On 25th June, the “Windjammerparade” will showcase 100 tall ships, forming like a string of pearls in the Kiel Fjord. The Gorch Fock is not taking part this year, so the Thor Heyerdahl will set sail first.

Some 50 ships, including the 208-meter-long HMS Ocean and the USS Mount Whitney have already docked in the naval base.

According to the organizers, 4000 ships from 50 countries have signed up for what they call the biggest sailing event in the world. Two months before the Olympics kick off in Rio de Janeiro, world champions such as New Zealand helmsman Peter Burling and Mathew Belcher of Australia are also ready to set sail.

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