Kenya′s shelter for suspected witches | Africa | DW | 22.09.2021

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Kenya's shelter for suspected witches

A rescue center in southern Kenya is a haven for elderly people accused of witchcraft. The residents have often had to run for their lives to escape being killed by their families.

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These elderly people had to run away from home. Some have been brutally beaten. They are accused of practicing witchcraft. Many were persecuted by their own children. Kadzo Ngala has lived in this camp for two years. It's a haven for those accused of sorcery in Kilifi County. Some in the region believe gray hair is a sign of witchcraft. It's said the youth are also killing their elders for their land. The facilities are basic here. The food is too. The center organizes traditional events to entertain the residents. Dance and song transport them bac

k to happier times.