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Kenya's Farmer's TV Show - "Shamba Shape Up"

March 21, 2024

It's lively, fun and intensely practical: For more than a decade.

Still | Eco Africa
Image: DW

The pioneering TV series "Shamba Shape Up" has helped farmers increase their yields and adopt ecofriendly methods. Some viewers have even been inspired to take up farming themselves!


Also on Eco Africa:


Still | Eco Africa
Image: DW

Ghana - Measuring groundwater to survive

A rural community in northern Ghana suffering from water scarcity has begun measuring water in boreholes and records rainfall statistics. The data allows the entire community to manage its water better and improve people’s lives.





 Eco India
Image: DW

Removing lead from the Mediterranean

In Spain, volunteer divers organize cleanup expeditions to remove metal and lead from the Mediterranean seabed. The metals are then recycled. Underwater damage caused by this and other trash is shown in a photo exhibition.





Still | Eco Africa
Image: DW

Avoiding landfill: Recycling batteries in Poland

Only a fraction of batteries in Poland are recycled. But when discarded in landfill, they pose a threat to the environment, contaminating groundwater and soil with mercury, cadmium, and lead. A climate activist is doing his bit to turn things around.





Eco Africa | The Environment Magazine
Image: DW

Lighting up rural Zimbabwe

In rural Zimbabwe, only 30 percent of people have access to electricity. An engineering student has designed a lamp made from upcycled plastic bottles and used LED lights that provides solar-powered illumination and also tackles plastic and e-waste.




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