Kashmir crisis – New era or power grab? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 15.08.2019
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Kashmir crisis – New era or power grab?

India's government has abolished Kashmir's special autonomous status, prompting a furious response from the region's Muslim majority. Tensions are running high and there has been talk of war. Guests: Isha Bathia (DW), Christian Wagner (German Institute for International and Security Affairs), Shahzeb Jillani (DW)

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Christian Wagner is a Senior Fellow with the German Institute for International and Security Affairs specialising on South Asia. He says: “A lasting solution to the Kashmir question will only be possible, if there are no border changes in the region.” 




 Shahzeb Jillani is from DW’s Urdu desk. He believes that: "Once the curfew is lifted, the situation in Kashmir can boil over and lead to violence." 




Isha Bhatia is from DW's Hindi desk. She argues that: "The process of economic development in the region cannot take place without including the local people. They feel insecure about their future."