Jennifer Rostock - finally in the Top Ten | Popxport | DW | 13.08.2011
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Jennifer Rostock - finally in the Top Ten

The band based around singer Jennifer Weist and keyboarder Joe Müller are finally reaping the rewards for years of hard work. Their third studio album finally cracked Germany’s top ten, spending the first week at number 4. The band recorded their album at a studio in New Jersey on the east coast of the US.

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The record gives the band the chance to expand beyond their rock roots and experiment with electronic sounds. The quintet worked hard to get where they are now. When they started, in 2008, Jennifer Rostock were on stage on average every other day. They wrote songs on busses and in backstage rooms, filmed a documentary and took part in one of Germany’s premiere television talent shows. Other highlights include playing shows in Brazil for Germany’s Goethe Institute and performing for over a million people on German Unification Day.