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Eric Schaefer and band
Image: Jazzfest Bonn

Jazz Live: Eric Schaefer

Suzanne Cords
July 26, 2019

A German jazz musician joins up with Japanese musicians and calls the project "Kyoto mon amour." The enchanting musical story was recorded live at the Jazzfest Bonn, and you can hear it here.


Jazzfest 2019: Eric Schaefer

One of Germany's most promising percussionists, Eric Schaefer is an important if little-known star on the German jazz scene. His musical project Kyoto mon Amour (Kyoto, My Love) from 2017 is a declaration of love for Japan and for the imperial city of Kyoto, expressed in the exchange between Schaefer's percussion and the koto, a Japanese dulcimer played by band member Naoko Kikuchi. Inspired by Asia, Eric Schaefer's music is a dialogue of the cultures.

This performance on May 18, 2019 in the National Art Museum in Bonn was recorded live by Deutschlandfunk, Cologne (DLF) for Jazz Live!  

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