Jazz Live: Shake Stew | Music | DW | 19.07.2019
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Jazz Live: Shake Stew

Where do these fabulous musicians come from? Miles Davis' grandchildren? The sound of this Viennese group is addictive. Turn up the volume and join the fun – like visitors at the Jazzfest Bonn did.

Listen to audio 70:35

Jazzfest Bonn 2019: Shake Stew

Shake Stew from Austria and bandleader Lukas Kranzelbinder have been making waves on the international jazz scene. Their sound is big and mesmerizing, and the musicians radiate so much energy that listeners can't help but be caught up in it. For more, just listen – and go with the flow of Shake Stew.

This performance on May 19, 2019 in the Pantheon Cabaret Hall in the Bonn Opera was recorded live by West German Radio, Cologne (WDR) for Jazz Live! 


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