Jaqee: ′People should dance more′ | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 20.11.2013
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Jaqee: 'People should dance more'

Jaqee has dabbled in nearly every genre - from blues and roots to jazz and global pop. Ahead of her album release, she chats in the Pulse studio about the game of love, speaking her mind, and why she’s always dancing.

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You'll hardly ever catch her without a smile on her face. Now Jaqee has another reason to smile: the release of her new album, "Yes I Am," on November 22. Working on the 13-track album turned out to be a reaffirmation of who she was, Jaqee confessed to Pulse hosts Kate Müser and Natalie Muller.

Pulse host, Kate Müser, left, chats with singer Jaqee in the studio Copyright: DW

Jaqee, right, stopped by the Pulse studio to chat with hosts Kate Müser and Natalie Muller

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