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Ivanka Trump heading to Berlin for W20 summit

April 20, 2017

US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump will be paying an official visit to Germany next week. She will be participating in the W20 summit in Berlin.

Ivanka Trump - Donald Trumps Präsidentschaftsankündigung
Image: picture alliance/abaca/D. Van Tine

Ivanka Trump will be traveling to the German capital Berlin at the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel to participate in the so-called W20 (Women 20) summit - an initiative led by women of 20 countries.

Another Trump in White House: Ivanka

The 35-year-old daughter of US President Donald Trump is due to participate in a panel discussion on women's economic empowerment during the event.

The W20 summit says that its main goal is to "promote women's economic empowerment as an integral part of the G20 process."

It will be the first official international trip for Trump, who has joined her father's administration as an unpaid adviser.

Interest in Germany's apprenticeship schemes

On her visit to Berlin Ivanka Trump will also tour a technical school. The younger Trump praised Germany's apprenticeship programs earlier, telling the German economics periodical "Wirtschaftswoche" that Germany was an "absolute trailblazer" in the field of providing training for successful careers, and that the German system of apprenticeships was a good example for a partnership between public and private bodies.

Trump also said that she hoped to learn innovative ways of professional training in Germany and bring these ideas back to the United States in order to modernize apprenticeship models in the US, such as the "dual system" which provides an apprenticeship alongside university education.

Other stops on Trump's tour of Berlin will include the United States embassy as well as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

ss/msh (AP, AFP)