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Is it time to rethink air travel?

Neil King, Natalie Muller
July 8, 2022

Staff shortages and flight cancellations have thrown airlines into turmoil at the start of a busy summer holiday season. But that's just one challenge confronting the aviation industry. It's also under growing pressure to shrink its carbon footprint in the face of a much bigger crisis: climate change. (This episode has been republished and updated).


*An earlier version of this episode was published in April 2021*

Interviewees featured:

  • Thomas Fowler, director of sustainability at Ryanair
  • Lauren Riley, managing director of global environmental affairs and sustainability at United Airlines
  • Magdalena Heuwieser, campaigner at the Stay Grounded network
  • Dietrich Brockhagen, CEO and founder of atmosfair

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