Interview with Felicia Endersby | Eco Africa | DW | 27.08.2018
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Eco Africa

Interview with Felicia Endersby

Eco@africa's new presenter shares her thoughts on Africa's biggest environmental issues and what the world can learn from the continent

DW: Where are you from?

Felicia Endersby: Zimbabwe

How have environmental issues impacted your life personally?

Growing up in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam the beaches were quite polluted so my dad would get me to pick up litter on the beach outside our house every morning before school.

What are the most pressing environmental issues in South Africa?

Air pollution and global warming.

How do you think a show like eco@africa can help?

Eco@africa will help to raise awareness to these issues and how ordinary people can take part in making a difference.

What do you think the rest of the world can learn from Africans about the environment?

In African countries a lot of people rely directly on the environment for day to day survival so because of this they preserve and sustain the environment from necessity.

What do you want to achieve while working with eco@africa?

I'd like to be a part of the movement to raise awareness about environmental issues and contribute to education about global warming.