International press review: Germany dominates Champions League | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 02.05.2013
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International press review: Germany dominates Champions League

The world's media is in no doubt: Bayern Munich were dominant over Barcelona, storming to victory and advancing to an historic all-German Champions League Final at Wembley on May 25 against rivals Borussia Dortmund.

Spain's national daily sports newspaper Marca says: "Bayern annihilates Barca."

"A comeback was never in the making for Barcelona who were easily ousted from the Champions League by Bayern Munich after a 3-0 final in the second leg of the semifinal at the Camp Nou."

"Across the board the German visitors impressed but of note was the play of Ribery, who was exceptional in defense in the first half and spearheaded the attack in the second half."

Britain's Guardian newspaper concludes: "Bayern were simply too refined, too strong and too expertly assembled and, over the two legs, an aggregate victory of 7-0 does not flatter them in the slightest."

The British paper says Barcelona's fate was sealed when its star player Lionel Messi was declared not fit enough to play.

"Their place in the final, confirming an all-German event at Wembley on 25 May, was probably assured from the moment the team-sheets were handed in, bearing in mind what has become so apparent over the last few weeks: that Barcelona without Messi can resemble an expensive toy without batteries."

"Bayern Munich's beating of Barcelona will send shockwaves around Europe. In England, Italy, Spain and elsewhere there will be a fear that the Bundesliga champions are ready to rule for some time

"These are German football's proudest days in more than 15 years.

France's Le Monde says: "Bayern crush Barcelona. Bayern Munich joined Borussia Dortmund in the final of the Champions League by inflicting a humiliating (3-0) defeat on Barcelona at Camp Nou, where the absence of Messi made all hope of recovery illusory after the terrible 4-0 defeat in the first leg.

The US' New York Times had the headline "Thumping Barcelona Again, Bayern Eases Into the Final"

"In the end Barcelona's mission was indeed impossible. There was no magic, there was no Lionel Messi. There was only Bayern Munich, the champion of Germany’s Bundesliga, playing as if it owned the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona."

Austria's Kurier said "Bayern sweep over Barcelona" and added that "now the German Bundesliga has what the other three top European Leagues (La Liga, Serie A, Premier League) already have had: an internal league Champions League Final."

Germany's mass-circulation daily newspaper Bild simply proclaims on its front page:

"We are Champions League," an allusion to its own renowned "We are Pope" headline on the day that former pontiff Benedict XVI took charge at the Vatican.

And, the German daily Süddeutsche describes Bayern Munich's defeat of Barcelona as a "demonstration of power against one of the world's best teams."

"Football is coming home" reads the Süddeutsche's front page.

It describes Bayern Munich's double-leg victory over Barcelona as a "historic moment."

"On May 25 it will be the first German duel in football's "kings'" series," says the Süddeutsche and dwells on the moment when Arjen Robben left-footed the ball into Barcelona's goal and then sprinted to Bayern's bench.

"He stood there in the 48th minute of this Champions League semifinal in Barcelona among his teammates and laughed and beamed.

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