Insuring a Caribbean island against storms | Global Ideas | DW | 10.09.2013

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Global Ideas

Insuring a Caribbean island against storms

Hurricanes often prove deadly for the island of St Lucia. New ideas are meant to protect local residents and their livelihoods.

Project goal: insurance against storm damage
Measures: microinsurance, loans, training
Project volume: the International Climate Initiative has provided around 2 million euros for the entire Caribbean region

Tropical storms are causing increasing damage to the Caribbean each year - and the costs are rising. Climate change has led to more frequent and severe hurricanes, and it is often the region’s poorest who suffer the most. Many impoverished families can lose everything they own in a single night. Micro-insurance could help protect families against such losses and play a role not just in helping people adapt to a changing climate but also in combating poverty.

A film by Manuel Öczerkes

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