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Illegal Abalone Trade in South Africa

April 18, 2024

Fighting the illegal abalone trade in South Africa; tree hugging for a better world; why mixed forests are more robust; a zero-emissions ship; and how backyard gardens empower women in Ghana.

DW Sendung Eco Africa 19.04.24
Image: DW

Fighting the illegal abalone trade in South Africa

Found along South Africa’s coastline, abalone is the world's most expensive shellfish. But the huge demand in Asia has led to widespread poaching and overfishing. Efforts are now underway to make abalone farming more sustainable.


Tree hugging – Promoting healthy minds and healthy forests

Ugandan climate activist Patricia Ariokot made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest tree hug. It wasn’t just a fun stunt: she wants to raise awareness of the vital role that trees play in the health of the environment.

DW Sendung Eco Africa 19.04.24
Patricia Ariokot hugging a tree for a good causeImage: DW


Boosting forest resilience in France with tree diversity

In the Moulière massif in France, foresters are pinning their hopes on what they call a ‘mosaic forest’ as a strategy for dealing with climate change. Mixed forests are more resistant to drought and heavy rain than monocultures.


The zero-emissions ship that’s making waves

Maritime transport generates around 3 percent of worldwide greenhouse gases. The Energy Observer is a zero-emissions ship that’s just completed a round-the-world voyage – on a mission to show that one day, shipping could be environmentally-friendly.

DW Sendung Eco Africa 19.04.24
Zero-emissions shipImage: DW


Backyard gardens empower women in Ghana

Fresh produce is expensive in Ghana, with demand met mainly by imports. The Agrihouse Foundation encourages women to plant their own backyard gardens, which allows them to feed their families and secure an income.



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