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Hunger in Colombia: How can Bogota feed poor communities?

Nicole Ris | Alexandra Correa both in Bogota, Colombia
June 23, 2024

In Bogota, Colombia's capital, over a quarter of people struggle to find food. Experts blame food poverty on inflation, violence and poor harvests caused by the effects of climate change.


Bellarina Garzon invites people to come for food. Her independent soup kitchen prepares meals for people in the Kennedy neighborhood of Bogota, Colombia's capital.

But her job is not easy: Many people rely on her charity for food, and gangs try to shut her organization down to maintain control.

About one in four people in Bogota suffer from hunger, a trend that encapsulates Colombia's food security situation. However, the United Nations insists that the problem isn't about the amount of food.

DW's Nicole Ris and Alexandra Correa report from Bogota on how Colombia is trying to feed its poor communities.