How to get past Berlin′s toughest bouncers | Shift Videos | DW | 12.08.2016
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Shift Videos

How to get past Berlin's toughest bouncers

Berlin's legendary Berghain is famed for its wild techno clubnights - but also for its strict door policy. A new website now prepares you for your negotiations with the bouncers.

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How to get past Berlin's toughest bouncers

If you can make it in here, you can make it in anywhere - so they say. Now prospective ravers can practice negotiating with the bouncers using an online simulator called the "Berghaintrainer." It uses a microphone and webcam to analyze your behavior and emotional expression. And whatever you say to the doorman, body language is crucial!

If you fancy your chances, do note that the site only runs on Google Chrome.

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