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Berghain is Berlin's most famous techno club and is known for its anything-goes darkrooms and ominous bouncer, photographer Sven Marquardt.

Berghain was preceded by the Berlin techno club Ostgut, which was a hub of early techno culture from 1998 to 2003 and was notorious for gay fetish parties. After Ostgut was torn down, its organizers founded Berghain in 2004 in a bigger location near the train station Ostbahnhof. The building that was constructed in the early 1950s in socialist neoclassical style houses several bars and darkrooms. The location is not only known for its club nights, but also cultural events. It maintains a very strict door policy. Berghain's fame spread quickly around the world until, in 2009, "DJ Magazine" called it "the world's best club."

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