How To Bauhaus - ′Wooden Stool′ instructions | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 15.03.2019
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How To Bauhaus - 'Wooden Stool' instructions

In the DIY series "How To Bauhaus," architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel explains how you can easily build Bauhaus-style designer furniture yourself. His wooden stool is distinguished by its flexibility.

"Less is more": Van Bo Le-Mentzel uses this Bauhaus basic idea for his wooden stool. His design was inspired by the Bauhaus student Max Bill and his Ulm stool. In combination with several stools, the "Wooden Stool" can also be used as a shelf, counter, table or desk. Here are the instructions, which can also be downloaded as a PDF below. The tutorial video can be found here.

How To Bauhaus (DW/R. Kalus)

Wooden Stool instructions


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