Holiday video competition: the winner is … | DW Travel | DW | 04.05.2017
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Holiday video competition: the winner is …

Monumental views and personal holiday impressions from India and Bangladesh - that's what the winners of our best holiday video competition show. All videos were filmed by members of our audience.

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Video from India

Camilo Amaya from Colombia impressed us with the lively and colorful video of his trip to India. His tour took him from Rajasthan in the north-west via Agra, where he visited the Taj Mahal World Heritage Site. His video continued all the way to Karnataka in the South. The trip combined tourist highlights in northern and southern India and shows a classic route for those wanting to discover India.

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Video from Bangladesh

Maruf Hasan, who is from the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, traveled to Chittagong in south-eastern Bangladesh. This region features untouched nature. Even just the 120 kilometer-long bright, sandy beach alone is sensational - even in the rain! His footage shows epic views of the ocean and the mountains and was filmed in a country that is regarded as one of the poorest in the world, yet well-worth discovering as a travel destination.

A DW backpack has been mailed to both our winners.

On every new edition of "Check-in" we'll be showing videos sent in by our audience. Send us your holiday video. You never know, we might feature it on our travel show. 

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