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Eco Africa Chimp
Image: DW

Guinea Conakry: Safeguarding Western Chimpanzees

January 12, 2023

The disappearance of chimpanzees is accelerating in Guinea Conakry due to poaching, as well as timber and mineral exploitation.


To reverse it, one project is raising chimpanzees and preparing them for a return to the wild.


Also on Eco Africa:


Nigeria: Boats as an eco alternative to traffic jams

Waterways can be a part of the solution when it comes to traffic jams. More and more people are commuting with boats. This trend reduces emissions and helps people arrive on time at their destinations.


Eco Africa Ghana
Image: DW

Illuminating rural houses in Ghana’s north

In Ghana’s Upper West region, a small startup is mounting solar-powered and cost-effective mini-grids across light-poor communities. It also distributes rechargeable solar lamps to its members.




Eco Africa #346 Kohle
Image: DW

Germany: Rebirth of an industrial wasteland

Mining has scarred the Earth. Today, a former industrial hub near Berlin is providing a blueprint for how to transform blighted landscapes and develop them into tourist attractions.



Poland: Apartment block heats with renewable energy

Instead of using gas and coal, residents of a prefabricated building in Poland's Masuria region use solar panels for heating. They save around 80% of their energy costs and even heat their water with solar energy.



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