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Global issues

Julian Bohne, HamburgMay 15, 2014

With its massive dimensions, Hamburg's port is a popular tourist attraction. One group offers visitors a tour that uses the port as a backdrop to critique the role Germany plays in international trade and globalization.

Hamburg harbor
Image: HHLA

Hamburg globalized

Hamburg's harbor is one of the biggest commercial ports in the world. Last year just under 140 million tons of goods were handled here, in an area which occupies more than 7,000 hectares 27 square miles). Hundreds of trade routes connect the port to nearly 200 countries.

But much of the wealth that's generated there comes with a hidden cost elsewhere - in some cases to the environment, in others to people working under unfair conditions.

Harbor Group Hamburg - Third World organizes alternative tours that examine issues of trade and globalization in Germany's busiest port.