Germany’s Largest Winter Sports Region | DW Travel | DW | 13.01.2014
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Germany’s Largest Winter Sports Region

Breathtaking downhill slopes, comfortable family-friendly pistes, delightful cross-country trails, seemingly endless toboggan runs - in the Allgäu, you can always find what's just right for you.

The ski area around the resort of Oberstdorf is the highest in the region. There's a choice of more than 30 kilometers of pistes, and snow is guaranteed. From Mount Nebelhorn, at an elevation of 2224 meters, you can ski 7.5 meters down to the valley. And if Mount Nebelhorn is covered in cloud, you can go up Mount Fellhorn instead. At weekends, Oberstdorf is a perfect place for a stroll and there are plenty of après-ski activities in the evenings.

In Bad Hindelang, twenty kilometers away, things are comparatively quiet. The ski area isn't quite as high, but snow is still a certainty. Families and cross-country skiers easily find what they want here. And if you do prefer a thrill, ride a sled down the natural toboggan run.

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Allgäu - Fun in the Snow

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