Germany′s 16 states: Saarland | DW Travel | DW | 03.03.2021

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Federal states of Germany

Germany's 16 states: Saarland

It's easy to relax in Saarland, far from mass tourism. Michelin-starred cuisine, a Franco-German way of life and the world's first industrial UNESCO World Heritage site are the pride of this small, Francophile state.

Germany's smallest state in surface area owes its name to the Saar, whose banks are lined with sights to see, from the city of Saarbrücken to the natural phenomenon of the spectacular hairpin turn in the river known as the Saarschleife, or Saar Loop. The Saarland borders France and Luxembourg — and their cultural influences are reflected not only in its history but also in its cuisine.   

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Travel tips for the Saarland region

Saarland for beginners

Check-in host Lukas Stege vacationed in Saarland before the coronavirus crisis. The green region with its European spirit can be discovered in a very relaxed way.

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Saarland: an insider's travel tip

Völklingen Ironworks, UNESCO World Heritage site

The last smelting furnace in the former ironworks dating from 1873 in the town of Völklingen was shut down in 1986. Eight years later UNESCO declared the completely preserved ironworks a World Heritage site. It was the first industrial monument worldwide to receive that honor. Now this unique monument to pig iron production from the heyday of industrialization provides an XXL backdrop for music festivals and blockbuster exhibitions. 

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A visit to the Völklingen Ironworks.

Michelin-starred cuisine in Saarbrücken

French cuisine in the style of Paul Bocuse — Klaus Erfort has been running his "Gästehaus" in Saarbrücken since 2003. With three Michelin stars, he's considered one of Germany's best chefs. The 2018 German Pastry Chef of the Year also works here. 

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The Pâtissier of the Year

Your trip to Germany

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