Germany: Plan to use Nazi site for Nuremberg opera slammed | News | DW | 28.11.2021

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Germany: Plan to use Nazi site for Nuremberg opera slammed

The opera in Nuremberg is in need of a new home while the current opera house is renovated. But the decision to temporarily relocate to a Nazi courtyard has sparked controversy.

Germany | NSDAP Congress Hall on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg

The Congress Hall on the Nazi Party rally grounds is a controversial choice for Nuremberg's opera

Proposals to temporarily move Nuremberg's opera house to either the former Nazi Party rally grounds or the courtyard of the never-completed Nazi Congress Hall have incensed historical societies, German media reported on Sunday.

A new location for the historic opera is required as its present home is in major need of repair. The renovations are expected to last several years.

The non-profit organization History for All, which offers tours of the rally grounds, argues the decision compromises education about Nazi Party ideology and propaganda.

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Nazi megalomania

Showing visitors the original facades of Nazi structures in the German city was a way to illustrate fascist megalomania, as well as its ultimate downfall, the association wrote in an open letter on Sunday.

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The Congress Hall was intended to be 80 meters high and to host 50,000 people. However, construction came to a standstill at the outset of World War II. What is left is a 38-metre-high shell around a huge courtyard. The opera house argues it would make an ideal venue.

The city council is due to make a decision about the setting on December 15.

An open letter from the opera theater management says that there are no other viable options.

DPA contributed to this article.

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