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Germany: Former Russian consulate targeted by protesters

Timothy Jones
May 10, 2024

Russia says it will call for six protesters who entered the former Russian consulate in Leipzig to be punished.

The former Russian consulate in Leipzig
The former Russian consulate in LeipzigImage: Sebastian Willnow/dpa/picture alliance

Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Friday that it would lodge an official complaint with the German government after six people threatened to take over a building that once served as a Russian consulate in the eastern city of Leipzig.

It said two staff members from the Russian Embassy had called police after the six intruders climbed over the fence of the building and displayed banners expressing anti-Russia sentiments from the balcony while threatening to take control of the property.

Police in the city said six German nationals were currently being investigated on suspicion of trespassing.

The incident comes after Germany this week recalled its ambassador to Russia after Berlin accused Moscow of being behind cyberattacks targeting both defense and aerospace firms and its ruling Social Democratic Party.

This article draws on information from the Reuters news agency.

Edited by Richard Connor