Germany: Exploding frying pan leaves one dead and several others critically injured | News | DW | 09.09.2019
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Germany: Exploding frying pan leaves one dead and several others critically injured

Around 150 people were attending a food festival when a large frying pan exploded, injuring a dozen attendees. One woman has died from severe burns. Authorities have launched an investigation.

Over a dozen people were injured on Sunday when a large frying pan exploded in the small German town of Alchen-Freudenberg, east of the city of Cologne. 

One woman died on Monday from severe burns sustained during the explosion. 

Another five people were in life-threatening condition: four from burns and one who suffered a heart attack during the incident, which occurred at a fried potato stand during a traditional food festival.

They were transported by emergency helicopter to special hospitals in the larger nearby cities of Dortmund, Cologne and Bochum.

Authorities on the scene told public broadcaster WDR that some 150 people were present when the frying pan exploded.

Fourteen people were treated on the spot by emergency personnel. 

The scene of the accident

The cause for the incident remains unknown

Police are investigating the incident and the cause remains unknown, but they have so far ruled out a gas leak explosion.

Authorities speculated that rain falling on one of the large pans could have interacted with the boiling fat and triggered the explosion.

Local officials met with the victims and relatives, and said they planned to brief the community on the state of the investigation.

jcg/rt (AFP, dpa)

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